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This page was designed to allow you to showcase some of the memorable times that you had while at Epsilon Phi Zeta or since. Submit your stories to the High Rho at:

Remember, anything goes!
The following was submitted by Jim Meyers, 2/17/00:
The fraternity tried doing an online listserve a few years back. The last time they did that I signed up and was inadvertently hooked up to the gay club, Lambda, listserve. They kept sending me email with their info on it. Took me weeks to get it changed. I was doing a residency for Hospital Administration in Texas working in the Administration offices. I came back from lunch and my email was up. No big deal normally. But when I looked at the titles of the emails (about 10 of them) I couldn't believe it. It was gay this and lesbian that. Gatherings, parties, chat lines etc. All in the open for anybody in hospital administration to see. As I said before this lasted two weeks!
Jim Meyers