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Epsilon Philosopher
Spring Semester 2000 Edition

E-Phi Comes Home                    
Chef  Jesse Horn Spouts Off
E-Phi Turns 70
Calendar of Events
E-Phi Welcomes Six New Initiates
Chapter Goes Online with Website and Listserve
High Pi Letter
Letter from the High Rho
High Alpha Address
Alumni Spotlight: Wendell Ford
Judge Hood, E-Phi 449, Recognized

Happy Birthday! Chapter Turns 70...

     Itís been 70 great years here at Epsilon Phi Zeta. Now, as we head into the next millenium, we are looking forward to the challenge of making it another great 70 years. The brothers of Epsilon Phi have set goals which will make Lambda Chi Alpha the best fraternity at the University of Kentucky.
One of the most important goals that we have set is getting our alumni brothers involved. A new house has always been speculated about, but it seems that we may be forced to act within the next decade. The  university plans to tear down the six-pack to build a new student center and relocate all of the fraternities to a greek row on Rose Street.
     The main goal, however, remains education. Gaining the knowledge that we will need to better ourselves in life and in our careers is still of paramount importance. Over the past 70 years at UK, brothers have been receiving an education in, as well as out of, the traditional academic setting. The chapter has seen major advances in technology, four wars, the Great Depression, numerous presidents, including our own Harry S. Truman, drastic changes in our culture and in the entertainment industry.
     Throughout these good and bad times the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha have always shared a special bond that we receive through the fraternities teachings and ritual.
     In this, our 70th anniversary, I encourage you to reflect on the many brothers that have come before you and the sacrifices that they have made to make our chapter one of the strongest on  the campus of the University of Kentucky.  While some have passed on, we remember and appreciate the work that they have done.  
     Take time to remember the good times that you once had on this campus with friends that many consider to be the best that they have ever known. And, finally, never forget that you always have a family here at Epsilon Phi Zeta.

Jason Breit

Lambda Chi Overcomes

Dear Brothers,
     First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the alumni who have helped both with their time and who have financially supported the chapter over the last year. The active chapter is very appreciative of your contributions.
     Secondly, the last semester has been a difficult one at Epsilon-Phi. I feel that this group of men has learned a great deal in overcoming the obstacles that were presented to them. I am certain that with this group, and six outstanding new initiates, Epsilon-Phi is on a course for great success.
     Also, through the efforts of our new High Rho, we are beginning to rebuild our alumni base for the 21st century. The task before us is large, but I am certain that we can meet our goals and create a strong alumni foundation for the chapter.
     Lastly, on February 19, 2000, at the chapter house in Lexington, we will be celebrating our 70th anniversary of our founding at the University of Kentucky. I am certain that this will be a great evening for all. Again, thank you for all that you have done, and I look forward to seeing you at the Founderís Day celebration.

Sincerely yours in ZAX,
Bobby McDowell, High Pi
Kappa Omega Zeta 845

E-Phi Comes Home...

Dear Epsilon-Phi Alumni,

     Hard times have fallen upon Epsilon-Phi at U.K. Our fraternity has undergone many rigorous trials as of late. We have recently been force fed an alcohol-free fraternity house (everyone can imagine how difficult it was
to deal with going dry). Facing trying financial times, we were then actually kicked out of our fraternity house due to insufficient fire safety measures. In order to get back into our, and your, house, we then faced the dilemma of attaining the money necessary to refurbish and restore the house up to the "fire and life safety code" that the university required. We gathered the funds we needed and took the necessary steps to get our house back.
     Recently, we just initiated our 1,380th member at Epsilon-Phi. We are back in the house and going strong. Nothing has changed from the fraternity that you left years ago. Similarly, one constant remains, the need for your support to preserve our fraternity in general, house and all. We took severe financial steps to gain access back into our house. We even had to take money out of this semester's budget to do this. Help keep E-Phi strong! You know as well as we do that alumni support is vital to the perseverance of our fraternity. This is why Epsilon-Phi has made a renewed vow to keep our alumni up to date on the fraternity's situation and involved in our chapter.
     Enclosed you have an invitation to get involved with your old chapter  by attending our alumni gathering. Soon to follow will be monthly online "e-newsletters" and the creation of an E-Phi online forum, updating you on our progress. I invite and encourage you to come and visit your fraternity again and relive the good times that Lambda Chi Alpha has given to you.

Yours in ZAX (you know what this means),
Brad Lacy
E-Phi 1326

P.S. How many people would you get to E-Phi when you came back?

"FRIES UP!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Friends and Brothers,

     I wanted to take this time to tell each and every one of you that you are sorely missed and often thought about. Many days my kitchen and the brothers that happen to be in it, hear my stories that I tell about many of you. They are stories remembered from very fond memories that I hold near and dear to my heart. I can still see some of you on the front lawn having a good time and enjoying the company of your good brothers.
     I donít have too much to say, except that I am looking forward to seeing you. And you know that you can call anytime you    want: (606) 335-0074.
     Happy Birthday and help us keep fries up!

Jesse Horn

Lambda Chi Enters New Millenium Online

Alumni Brothers,
     Epsilon Phi Zeta is changing the way we do business with our alumni. In taking the position of High Rho I dedicated myself to serving you and the chapter by building a strong alumni foundation. I have just started to initiate programs that will benefit you and the chapter at large. Two of the programs that I am most excited about utilize the internet. One is the Epsilon Phi Website. The other is the "lambda chi list," which is an online list-serve.
     This free list is for alumni, active, and associate members of Epsilon Phi Zeta. You must be subscribed to this list to take advantage of the benefits that it offers. This tool will help strengthen the bond between all members past and present.
     Features include: Chapter meeting minutes, upcoming events and announcements, and, best of all, anything you feel to be important (i.e. old stories). It's your list and you can post whatever and whenever you like. If your buddies are on the opposite side of the globe, you will be able to communicate easily with them. I look forward to reading your messages!
     Also, we have updated the chapterís web-site. The address is: There are many changes that I think you will find interesting. One is an online directory of E-Phi members. Be sure to register with your updated information.
     I look forward to serving as your link to the active chapter and am eager to meet each and every one of you that I can. Best wishes on a safe and prosperous new year!
Allen Silvey
High Rho

 The State of the Fraternity Address
     Itís a new year, a new century, a new millennium. Although it seems that change is constantly revolving around us, Epsilon Phi still thrives on the same strong principles.  You know of the bond Iím talking about.  Our ritual is strong and we have a great group of guys.  We are still building leaders and preparing them for the "real world."  Our tradition and pride still show as fixtures on the U.K. campus.  We are still strong academically (#2 on campus).  We are still strong in intramurals (won softball for the fifth year in a row).  I am enthused with everything we have going for us.
     However, this letter has different importance.  One thing we are making great strives toward is a strong housing corporation and a strong alumni board.  We are in the process of attaining both of these.  We are going to build a housing corporation which will handle business transactions strictly dealing with the house and those living in it and also our house mother (Dean A. Brothers) and chef (Jesse Horn, Ephi 1331).  This will thrive with plenty of support.  It is not going to be very difficult because we will most likely go through a financial company to collect from those living in the house.  This will help eliminate the problem of brothers having to collect from brothers and also alleviate the current officers from having to deal with housing issues.  The University of Kentucky is also making strides in improving housing corps because it has plans of building a new Greek park and a stronger fraternity system.  SAE has already begun the new trend by building a $6 million dollar house, financed by their alumni.  The housing corp. would not necessarily be raising the money for a new house, however.  Our alumni board would be responsible for raising money and also to establish alumni events to bring our alumni chapter in touch with each other.  Things are a lot more attainable these days because of email and other technologies.  You have all this to look forward to.  I would love to hear from everyone and anyone who thinks they can help us out.  If you have questions or even concerns, please contact me at (606)225-4964 or at
Craig Merimee
 High Alpha

Alumni Spotlight

     Brother Wendell H. Ford, the former Kentucky senator, was born near Owensboro, Daviess County, Ky., September 8, 1924. He attended the public schools of Daviess County and attended the University of Kentucky from 1942-1943, and received an honorary initiation into Epsilon Phi Zeta during those years. Brother Ford  graduated from the Maryland School of Insurance in 1947 and engaged in insurance business in Kentucky. Ford served in the United States Army from 1944 to 1946, and in the Kentucky National Guard from 1942 to 1962; His resume also includes: chief assistant to Kentucky Governor 1959-1961; member, State senate 1965-1967; lieutenant governor 1967-1971; Governor of Kentucky 1971-1974; elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate in November 1974 for the term commencing January 3, 1975; subsequently appointed by the Governor, December 28, 1974, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Marlow W. Cook for the term ending January 3, 1975; reelected in 1980, 1986, and again in 1992 for the term ending January 3, 1999; not a candidate for reelection in 1998; Democratic whip, 1991-present; chairman, Committee on (Ninety-fifth Congress),  Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Ninety-fifth through Ninety-seventh Congresses), Select Committee to Study the Committee System (Ninety-eighth Congress), Committee on Rules and Administration (One Hundredth through One Hundred and Third Congresses), Joint Committee on Printing (101st and 103rd Congresses).
     Brother Ford has set an example all men should strive to follow. He epitomizes our challenge of performing second to none.

Larry "Chunk" Geiger

Judge Hood Recognized

     Joseph M. Hood, Epsilon Phi 449, class of 1965, was honored as the 1999
Outstanding Judge by the Kentucky Bar Association. The event  took place at the KBA Membership Awards Luncheon in Louisville. U.S. District Judge Hood has also served as U.S. magistrate for the Eastern District of Kentucky in Pikeville and as a senior law clerk to another U.S. District Judge. He is president of the Sixth Circuit Judges Association. He has been active in community service with United Cerebral Palsy, the YMCA, Alice Lloyd College, the Russell Rotary Club, Chase Law School, and the Cathedral of Christ the King. He has held numerous offices in these organizations in his many years of service. He resides in Lexington, Ky.

Cross & Crescent, Winter 1999.

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